ICBRP 2017

Paper submission closed


Research and practice influence each other – and more so in today’s complex and dynamic business environment. Researchers have a vital role to play in helping practitioners develop and execute sustainable business models as observed in the Indian e-commerce space today; understand their customers better; design, create, promote, and deliver better value; respond to societal concerns; and meet regulatory requirements whilst furthering their commercial interests – through cutting-edge research. Practice influences research too, by presenting unique challenges such as understanding the role of environment-friendly business practices in influencing consumer choices. The link is similar in development research and policy as well that has wider implications for the country as a whole and can help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of people. 

It is this interdependence between research and practice that calls for a coming together of the best minds from the two fields for a mutually beneficial cross-pollination of ideas – and of the best and next practices. The International Conference on Business Research and Policy (ICBRP 2017) aims to do just that.

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