ICBRP 2017

Paper submission closed


Papers are invited under the following themes:

  • Managing Operations for Sustained Competitiveness
    • Sustainability of global supply chains
    • World class competitiveness though efficient operations
    • Total quality for global competitiveness
    • Appropriate technology for regional development
  • Marketing for Profitable Growth
    • Brand Proliferation and Customer Loyalty
    • FMCG and the Resurgence of Ayurveda
    • In Search of Excellence in Service Quality
    • Customer Experience Management
    • E-commerce: Moving Beyond Price Competition
    • The Future of Bricks-and-Mortar Retail
  • Technological Innovation and Shifts in Business Practices
    • Technology & Innovation Management
    • Information Technology for Regional Development
  • Managing Finance in the Changing Business Scenario
    • Innovations in portfolio management and asset pricing
    • Pricing of conventional and unconventional derivatives
    • Debt restructuring
    • Behavioral biases in financial decision making
    • Corporate finance, capital structure and dividend policy
    • Financial crises ,and systemic risk
    • Quality of financial reporting and adoption of IFRS
    • Corporate governance and performance
    • Computational finance and limitations
    • Financial risk management
    • Market microstructure and algorithmic trading
    • Financial policy choice, institutions and regulation
    • Banking and micro-finance
    • Financial literacy and financial education
  • Natural Resource and Environmental Management Policy
    • Public perceptions of climate change and adaptation
    • Interventions to mitigate climate change, Payments for Ecosystem Services
    • Right over land and natural resources
    • Economic Growth, Employment and Private Sector
    • Land Acquisition, Compensation and Vulnerability
  • Post 2015 Governance and Public Policy Agenda
    • Inclusive and Gender sensitive governance
    • Growth and Human Development Policy
    • Policy Agenda of Health, Education, Nutrition
    • Agriculture and Food Security
    • Managing Public Service Organization
    • Changing Paradigms In Bihar’s Development
  • Shifts in HR Policy in Business and Government
    • Leveraging Human Capital
    • Learning Organizations
    • Competency Mapping
    • Employee Engagement
  • General Management
    • Strategy
    • Women Entrepreneurship
    • Management of Development Organization, Cooperative Management
    • Banking and Credit
    • Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Business Sustainability

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